Process of Making a Mobile Application

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The main goal of this article is to explain to you the steps of developing a Mobile Application.

The first step: Discuss with our client and ask the right questions:

1. Define Specifications

  • What is the main purpose of the Mobile Application?
  • This Mobile Application will be designed for which user?
  • Will this Mobile Application be across platforms (IOS, Android and Web Application)?
  • How many users will use it? (as an estimation)
  • Which industry?
  • Design wanted? Color Themes?

Second step: Design the sketch as a template to be designed for Mobile Application and Web Application.

What is a sketch? A Sketch is a very simple design of each screen and layout of the buttons, images, text, Login Screen, Home Screen, Profile Screen, …

2. Design the Sketch:

Once the client approved the sketch then we can start the creation and turning it into a proper Mobile Application.

3. Creating and Branding the Design:

Once the Client approved the design then we can start developing the Mobile Application.

4. Development of the Mobile Application:

  • Develop on IOS and Android
  • Test the Mobile Application
  • Client Validates the Test
  • Fix bugs
  • Support the Mobile Application

5. Web Application:

We follow the same steps for the Web Application including Sketch and design. You can see the final result below:

If you wants to create a Mobile Application or Web Application, contact us !

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