Case Study: ATA7ADAK Mobile Application

In today’s digital age, businesses must find innovative solutions to stay competitive and meet customer needs efficiently. This case study showcases how District 11 Solutions developed a transformative mobile application, ATA7ADAK, to address the challenges faced by a client providing training for obesity and overweight individuals.

Client’s Requirements and Challenges

The client’s primary goal was to build a mobile application to streamline their training program for obesity and overweight individuals. Previously, they managed client interactions and training kit distributions via emails and tracked progress manually, which was labor-intensive and limited their ability to scale.

Key Requirements:

    • Automate training kit distribution

    • Track client progress dynamically

    • Generate customized training programs based on user measurements

    • Scale client management from 50 to thousands


    • Manual processes limiting client intake and efficiency

    • Need for a user-friendly mobile interface

    • Integration of dynamic, personalized training plans

    • Ensuring data security and privacy

Solution: The ATA7ADAK Mobile Application

District 11 Solutions developed ATA7ADAK, a mobile application designed to automate and enhance the client’s training program. The solution leveraged advanced technologies to meet all client requirements efficiently.

Technologies Used:

    • React Native: For cross-platform mobile app development

    • PHP: For the backend and web admin panel

    • Web Admin Panel: Featuring big dashboards for comprehensive data visualization and management. Telling Admin when they need to reach out to the users that do not progress well.

Features of ATA7ADAK:

    • Automated Training Kit Distribution: Automatically sends personalized training kits to users based on their progress and measurements.

    • Dynamic Progress Tracking: Users can input their measurements, and the app adjusts their training programs accordingly.

    • Customizable Training Programs: Generates individualized training plans tailored to each user’s specific needs.

    • Scalability: Supports a large number of users, allowing the client to expand their reach significantly.












Impact and Results

The implementation of ATA7ADAK had a profound impact on the client’s business, enabling them to scale their operations and improve service delivery.


    • Increased client base from 50 to 3,600 users.

    • Expanded reach to users in the US, Oman, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.


    • Automated processes reduced manual workload, allowing staff to focus more on client interaction and support.

    • Enhanced user experience with a streamlined and user-friendly interface.

Client Satisfaction:

    • Improved client onboarding and training customization led to higher satisfaction rates.

    • Positive feedback from users about the app’s ease of use and effectiveness in managing their training.

Case Study Highlights:

    • Client: Health and fitness company specializing in training for obesity and overweight individuals.

    • Solution: ATA7ADAK mobile application.

    • Technologies: React Native, PHP.

    • Results: Scaled operations, improved efficiency, enhanced user satisfaction.



The ATA7ADAK mobile application is a testament to how innovative digital solutions can transform business operations and drive growth. By automating manual processes and providing personalized user experiences, District 11 Solutions enabled the client to scale their services and reach a broader audience.

For businesses seeking to develop robust and scalable mobile applications, District 11 Solutions offers expert guidance and cutting-edge technology solutions. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals through innovative app development.

One of the feedback from ATA7ADAK CEO:

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