IT Project Management Consulting Services


Find out how we help businesses with their IT Project?

Under IT project management consulting, third-party experts engage to manage the IT projects and direct the necessary improvements. Hence, District 11 Solutions provides skilled IT Project Management Consultants to complete tasks quickly and deliver the highest quality IT initiatives.

If you are experiencing any of the following red flags with your projects, it’s high time to deal with this correctly using the help of experts.

The project is consistently behind schedule.

  • The project is lagging behind.
  • It costs more than your budget.
  • Overall output is not up to the mark.
  • The future scope of the project is not clear.
  • The project team is not cooperative and promotes no clear information.
  • There is no transparency from the side of the project team.
  • It takes you to high technical debt.

An Effective Approach with District 11 Solutions

For an optimal solution, we start by tracking your current project progress. Then, we plan the further process to provide a clear scope of your project. At the very first, we provide you with a clear outline of your project and its daily or weekly progress by our specialists who are handling it.

Also, we offer IT Project Management services in following areas:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Website Development
  • Software Development
  • ERP CRM, or HIS Implementation
  • BI Dashboards implementation
  • IT infrastructure implementation

Furthermore, the following essential points related to the project are covered under our IT Project Management Services.


Project assessment

  • A thorough study of your project goals, timeframes, and targeted budget
  • Estimate resource demands and availability.
  • Communicate with project participants about the work, understand and discuss project risks, and develop mitigation plans.

Project planning

  • Outline the project by dividing it into work phases, tasks, and deliverables.
  • Formulate a high-level solution architecture for its functional scope.
  • We are conducting the sequence of project implementation.
  • Construct an estimate regarding the project time and cost.
  • Pick the right project management methodology as per project requirements.

Project resource management

  • Firstly, start with a project staffing plan.
  • Understand employees ’ skills to allocate required resources according to their tasks in the project.
  • Choose micro-teams as well to achieve project milestones smoothly.
  • Prioritize an open and optimal communication process scheme.

Project control

  • To have an under control progress of the project, considering quantifiable KPIs is helpful to reach project milestones.
  • In case of any project deviations, adapt a contingent plan to align with a project implementation plan.