A Parisian Born in District 11

Pierre-Antoine Didier, CEO & Founder of District 11 Solutions

Pierre-Antoine Didier CEO & Founder of District 11 Solutions.

Paris, France:
I was born and raised in Paris, France.

Graduated from Supinfo International University where I got my Master’s in Computer Science.
I worked as IT Consultant in a famous Bank (BNPP) where I was managing applications and learnt about SQL Database, ERP software and Finance.

After 2 years I decided to start a new adventure and move to Singapore where I spent 5 years working for Arkadin (an NTTC Company), in the telecommunication industry.

When I moved to Singapore, I barely spoke any English and had a very thick French accent. I learnt English in 6 months and now speak fluently.

During this experience I started as a developer to create data flows between Billing Systems and SAP Business Intelligence.
I was developing in Microsoft SSIS, SSRS to create data flow for our Telecommunication Partners in Asia.

After 1 year, I got promoted to Business Intelligence Expert and was teaching users in Asia about SAP Business Intelligence to create, edit reports and dashboards.
I was managing data quality between billing systems and SAP Business Intelligence to provide users in Asia and our customers accurate data for the reports and dashboard.

The year after I received another promotion to manage Development and Support for Asia Pacific where I had my own team and I was managing projects with our Telecommunication Partners, Training users on Billing Systems and SAP Business Intelligence.
I stayed in this company and in Singapore for 5 years where I also met my wife, explored Asia with a backpack and ate a lot of delicious food.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates:
After a great time in Singapore it was time to start a different chapter and I wanted to be closer to my family as well as my wife’s, so we decided to move to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

I found a job in a healthcare management company, where I managed the IT Department. I managed a team of 5 people for 4 Medical Centres and 1 hospital.
It was a very challenging job where I was managing projects to implement a new HIS (Healthcare Information System), creating reports in a Business Intelligence Tool call IBM Cognos, setting up network infrastructure for new opening facilities, and continuing support for the users across UAE.

After getting laid off for economical reasons, I felt that this was an opportunity for me to start my own business.
I was thinking about starting my own company for the past 5 years but I did not want to take any risks.

As the market was down and I did not find many interesting offers, it felt like the right time to create my own journey after 8 years of experience in the IT industry across different segments (Finance, Telecommunication, Healthcare).

District 11 Solutions, an IT Consultancy Company
Now I’d like to introduce to you District 11 Solutions. Why did I name it District 11 Solutions? Because I grew up in the 11th district of Paris, France and I wanted my company to represent a part of my history in this new adventure.

District 11 Solutions is specialized in helping our clients to implement ERP, Business Intelligence Tools, and HIS. We also provide development for websites and mobile apps.

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