June 17, 2018


Website – Daily Nursery

  • Create Wireframe and UI/UX design
  • Create WordPress custom template
  • Create all pages with animations and different layout
  • Website is responsive
  • SEO for each page

Daily Nursery Website

Website – Waxfeller

Creation of the website from scratch for Waxfeller. We did as follow:

  • Create Wireframes and UI/UX design
  • Create a custom WordPress Template
  • Create all pages with a different layout
  • Add javascript effects such as fade, lightbox, …
  • Ensure that the website is responsive
  • Add SEO for each pages

Waxfeller Website

Waxfeller Home Page
Waxfeller – Home Page
Our Projects Waxfeller
Waxfeller Creative Studio

Website – Zaid Farouki

We did the following changes on this Website:

  • Fix all Website issues
  • Make the Website responsive for all media (Computer, Mobile,  Tablet)
  • Resize the pictures
  • Restructure the menus and pages

Zaid Farouki Website

Zaid Farouki Website

Zaid Farouki Website

HIS Implementation – GE Healthcare Partners

Worked as a Consultant for GE Healthcare Partners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Madinah Region) on the HIS (Healthcare Information System) implementation in 15 Hospitals.

During this project we completed the following:

  • Review Hospital Workflows & Policies to fit the HIS Workflows
  • Drive Change in the Hospital
  • Train people on Change Management
  • Ensure Adoption of the HIS
  • Work closely with the HIS vendor

Sage SEI – BI – BI2ERP & Kailao

Build reports on Sage SEI – Service Enterprise Intelligence. Sage SEI is the BI – Business Intelligence tool developed by Sage.

During this project with our clients, we completed the following:

  • Modify queries and formulas to improve the report
  • Create a new report based on Sage ERP X3
  • Fix any issues related to reports or dashboards